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Inbound Marketing A Date With Popular Results

As a prominent inbound marketing agency that primarily operates off of an increasingly steady stream of inbound leads, we are fortunate that we can be selective about the type of clientele that we are willing to make a commitment to serve.  This fact might come as a surprise to some who chase business but, at Pop Results, over the short term gain, we favor loyalty, long term commitments, and the ability to plan and execute sustainable campaigns.  Based on extensive advance research and the implementation of principles that maintain a high level of certainty, we pride ourselves on our ability to create strategies that manage digital marketing campaigns with tomorrow in mind.

Inbound Marketing Agency Client Marriage | Pop ResultsWe work with agencies and direct clientele that span the spectrum from startups to enterprise level companies in any vertical market.  The common thread between these dramatically different types of clients is their trust and willingness to develop a long term relationship with Pop Results.  We are the perfect marriage for those who want to grow their business the right way, not just for today, but for the foreseeable future.

Digital Marketing Relationship

Like dating, optimal inbound marketing requires time for building up trust and earning influence both with our clients as well as with their audience.  The introductory messaging that is created in an inbound marketing campaign serves as the foundation for getting to know one another as well as define and establish a position on a specific subject matter.  Over time, as the messaging becomes more detailed and popular results compound, the level of client trust in us increases, our understanding of them increases, and that tighter bond is felt down funnel by their audience.

Inbound Marketing Not A Blind Date | Pop Results

The more entrenched we become with our clients, the better we are able to anticipate their desires, the needs of their audience, and we are able to fulfill for both parties with progressively sustainable success.  We are incredibly passionate about the execution of our a la carte digital marketing and inbound marketing services and we understand that a win for our clients is also a win for us.  As long as the success of the campaign is advance negotiated to translate into a reinvestment plan in longer term solutions for future growth, we are willing to go on a blind date with short term service campaigns:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Three Month Service Campaigns for Internet Marketing services such as:
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • On Page SEO
    • Off Page SEO
    • Local Search
    • Paid Search
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Lead Generation
    • Reputation Management
    • Digital PR

Personally, I spent over decade of my life working to become an inbound marketing expert in each of these disciplines so that I could offer a full palette of services that would allow my company to advance and grow in concert with the successes of our clients’ results.  Primarily, on a factor of budget, we help our clients take the most advantageous first step and then encourage them to put the other foot in front of the first.

Agency Partnerships

Digital Agency Partnerships | Pop Results

Currently, the bulk of our client base originates from key partnerships with other digital marketing agencies, graphic design firms, web design and development companies, advertising agencies, and public relations firms.  Most of these agencies elect to private label our a la carte and inbound marketing services so that they can offer their clients a more complete solution.  With Pop Results as a trusted partner, these agencies are able to spend their time concentrating on their core services for their clients and also have the luxury of providing a comprehensive suite of solutions.   Another advantage for the agencies is that they gain our expertise without having to invest in the resources to build and manage full time internal departments that are dedicated to each of the complex internet marketing disciplines that Pop Results fulfills.

Direct Client Engagements

In addition to our agency partnerships, we are also fortunate to have numerous direct client engagements.  In the case of a startup concept with no preexisting web presence, we are able to help our clients design a website with a baked in marketing strategy.  Based on available finances, we consult on whether to pursue immediate gains and/or initiate the process of pursuing longer term strategies that provide cost effectiveness down the road.  We understand that some business plans necessarily must see some early wins so that they can bootstrap their next stage growth plan.  We get it and with the factor of time in mind, we help businesses in this model maximize their available dollars.

Inbound Marketing Direct Client Relationships | Pop ResultsWith existing businesses, the three most common engagements that we experience are cases where the decision makers understand that they need an inbound marketing solution but they also acknowledge that they do not have the resources or know how to effectively manage it.  Another common request for services originates from companies that want to take that next step in their growth plan.  These companies search high and low for an innovative and comprehensive inbound marketing agency like Pop Results so that they can bundle a package of solutions with one agency.  Additionally, we are often asked to take over the management and improvement of services such as paid search campaigns that businesses no longer have time, manpower, or capability to operate in house.

Pop Results Is All About Going SteadyInbound Marketing Requires Going Steady | Pop Results

At the end of the day, whether they are a blind date or a confirmed long term engagement, we are open to listening to all potential client opportunities that approach us.  Yet, while we will listen and explain our position, at Pop Results, our core focus is not on the short term.  We are a company that believes in healthy long term relationships that result in popular sustainable models of success.  If you are ready to engage us, request an inbound marketing proposal and as your partner, we will help you build your future.

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