Internet Marketing Motivation

Internet Marketing Motivation

The best person that can motivate you to do anything, is you. You are your best motivator, the only one who can truly make you want to do something. There are many awesome speakers and doers out there, that can certainly give you that extra push. My partner at Pop Results Inbound Marketing Agency, Andrew Bart, and I have been using Ray Lewis, with his work ethic, determination and drive as our extra push to take us to the next level. Read more

Internet Marketing Strategy Of A Champion

Internet Marketing Strategy of A Champion

With the start of the professional football season approaching, I want to take the opportunity to tell you about the core of the team at Pop Results, how this team goes about its business, and how to construct the internet marketing strategy of a champion.  Internet marketing and football are not that different.  They are both games being played where the strategies and tactics are ever-changing.  In the case of football, you are fighting to gain yardage, score points, and ultimately win games.  In the case of internet marketing, you are pursuing your end goals of gaining more traffic, leads, and ultimately conversions.  The formula for creating a winning strategy in internet marketing has several key parallels to what creates a champion in football. Read more

Inbound Marketing With Pop Results

Inbound Marketing A Date With Popular Results

As a prominent inbound marketing agency that primarily operates off of an increasingly steady stream of inbound leads, we are fortunate that we can be selective about the type of clientele that we are willing to make a commitment to serve.  This fact might come as a surprise to some who chase business but, at Pop Results, over the short term gain, we favor loyalty, long term commitments, and the ability to plan and execute sustainable campaigns.  Based on extensive advance research and the implementation of principles that maintain a high level of certainty, we pride ourselves on our ability to create strategies that manage digital marketing campaigns with tomorrow in mind. Read more

Inbound Marketing Expert

Inbound Marketing Expert – Andrew Bart

Andrew Bart | Baltimore Ravens WinAs an inbound marketing expert and founder of Pop Results, I compose blogs with the intent to convey my knowledge on a variety of complex internet marketing solutions.  My goals are to help educate those who want to execute their own campaigns, serve as an inbound marketing consultant for those who need a plan, and function as a full service inbound marketing agency for those seeking outsourced campaign management.  To date, I have accomplished each of those goals but I have not explained my qualifications and background that led me to earn my reputation as an inbound marketing expert. Read more

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Great Marketing Battle – Bleed For Leads!!!  This fight is brought to you by Pop Results inbound marketing agency.  Fighting out of the left corner, weighing in with a record of push selling, advertising, marketing mailers and more… the grizzled veteran… Outbound Marketing!  And fighting out of the right corner, weighing in with a record of content marketing, seo, social media, and more… the up-and-comer… Inbound Marketing!  The inbound marketing vs outbound marketing fight is scheduled for three rounds and the winner will be crowned champion and bestowed with a wealth of premium leads!!!

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