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Inbound Marketing Expert – Andrew Bart

Andrew Bart | Baltimore Ravens WinAs an inbound marketing expert and founder of Pop Results, I compose blogs with the intent to convey my knowledge on a variety of complex internet marketing solutions.  My goals are to help educate those who want to execute their own campaigns, serve as an inbound marketing consultant for those who need a plan, and function as a full service inbound marketing agency for those seeking outsourced campaign management.  To date, I have accomplished each of those goals but I have not explained my qualifications and background that led me to earn my reputation as an inbound marketing expert.

Inbound Marketing Consultant – Over a Decade Multi-Discipline Preparation

iCrossing Time

iCrossing | Andrew BartAfter my graduation from college and four incredible months traveling the world on Semester at Sea, over the summer of 2000, I was extremely fortunate to cross paths with Jeff Herzog.  At the time, Jeff had a small upstart Internet firm called International Crossing (original name of iCrossing).  After meeting with Jeff, I joined iCrossing and my career in SEO and Paid Search began with what would go on to become the largest search agency in the world.  In my tenure with iCrossing, I experienced a hyper-growth explosion in the hottest segment of the Internet industry.  My learning curve on all aspects of SEO and Paid Search developed at a pace in concert with that of the growth of the search industry itself.  Ultimately, iCrossing sold to Hearst Corporation for over $325 Million and I went on apply my skills to several successful entrepreneurial endeavors.

Forever an Entrepreneur

Andrew Bart | Arm WrestlingOver the course of a decade as an entrepreneur, I self-funded and developed a supply chain management, ecommerce, and lead generation technology software platform, a private label brand of holistic pet products, and a veterinary Internet marketing platform.  After selling the aforementioned assets to various parties including a global pet product manufacturer, I applied my expertise in seo, paid search, lead generation, and brand development in the luxury interior design and high end decor industry.  In this field, I custom created and self-managed a network of targeted lead generation properties that focused on interior design as well as residential and commercial remodeling leads.  Additionally, I developed a content marketing campaign that included significant print and digital public relations components, blog creation and internal article authorship.  This holistic inbound marketing campaign included social media marketing, local search campaign creation, video marketing and reputation management.

iAcquire and DigitalPartner

iAcquire | Andrew Bart

In November of 2011, after hearing his vision to create the leading off page seo firm in the world, I joined my respected friend and mentor Joe Griffin at his company, iAcquire.  Within the construct of the larger agency, my focus at iAcquire has essentially entailed venture development.  I focus on establishing the foundation of startup divisions and nurturing them to a point where they are prepared to scale.  For example, I was fortunate to oversee the early stage development of our content marketing and premium content departments.  In the case of the former, I led and grew the team from a team of five to 50+ employees.  After maturing a department to a point of scale, I strategically recruit specialized employees to take over the helm and fill out the needs of the larger team.  My off page seo and content marketing experience at iAcquire also includes leading the DigitalPartner team of premium publisher recruiters as well as the personal recruitment of elite freelance writers.

Inbound Marketing Agency – Pop Results

In January of 2003 while I was focused on developing the business and technology assets in the pet care industry, my passion for Search and Internet marketing led me to create the Pop Results brand.  During the first eight years of its existence, Pop Results operated as a boutique seo firm for small and medium sized businesses.  The focus of the firm was rooted in organic seo and paid search and we also took on select custom web design and development projects.  As my career advanced and I gained additional hands-on experience in content marketing, social media, local search, digital pr, reputation management, mobile marketing, video marketing, and lead generation, I noticed the convergence that was occurring in the world of Internet Marketing.

Andrew Bart | Jeffrey S Freedman | Pop ResultsIn order to position a company for sustainable success, all of the various disciplines had to be combined with a prolific blog as the primary point of content distribution.  My identification of the successes associated with this comprehensive process led me to rebrand Pop Results as an Inbound Marketing Agency and seek to accelerate the growth of the company.  The timing was perfect.  In the form of the valuable and talented Jeffrey S Freedman, I was able to add a close friend to the Pop Results inbound marketing team. Jeffrey leads creative and client fulfillment for us and he is also deeply involved in the sales process.  Currently, the bulk of our client work originates from agency referrals who white label our inbound marketing and a la carte services.  However, we are also fortunate to have a select group of direct client relationships.  Our client base ranges from small businesses to medium businesses and enterprise clients.

Internet Marketing Influencers – Mentors, Friends, and Influencers

From the onset of my career, I have been blessed to have a hyper-talented group of mentors, friendships, and influencers that dramatically impact my professional interests, pursuits, and execution.  From my initial mentor to my dearest of friends and industry influencers, in many cases directly and others indirectly, the following people positively inspire and guide me:

Mentors & Friends

  • Jeff Herzog – Former CEO of iCrossing, Current CEO of Zog Digital
  • Jeffrey Pruitt – Former President of iCrossing, Current CEO of Tallwave
  • Joe Griffin –  Former iCrossing VP of Media, Current CEO of iAcquire
  • Jason Goldsmith – Former CEO of The Loan Page, Current CEO of Carchex
  • Joey Liner –Current  SVP of Sales and co-founder of DoublePositive
  • John Ferber – Former CIO and co-founder of, Current co-founder of Domain Holdings

Industry Influencers

Inbound Marketing Professional – Ready to Teach and Serve

So there you have it – The career story of Andrew Bart and why as an inbound marketing professional, I am qualified and eager to teach and serve you.  On a professional level, I can honestly tell you that I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living.  To me, inbound marketing and Internet marketing are not jobs, they are fun pursuits.  I look forward to the opportunity to help you in any way that I am capable and I thank you for your time.

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