Internet Marketing Motivation

Internet Marketing Motivation

The best person that can motivate you to do anything, is you. You are your best motivator, the only one who can truly make you want to do something. There are many awesome speakers and doers out there, that can certainly give you that extra push. My partner at Pop Results Inbound Marketing Agency, Andrew Bart, and I have been using Ray Lewis, with his work ethic, determination and drive as our extra push to take us to the next level.

Hometown Heroes

As Baltimore natives, we always gravitate towards our hometown heroes as our motivators and role models. Ray has been our go-to guy as of late. He’s been out there, winning, for the past 17 season. 2 World Championships (one as MVP), 13 Pro Bowls, 10 time AP All-Pro, 2 time Defensive Player of the Year. Those are some impressive records, and why we use him as one of our motivators.

But before there was number 52…

There was number 8. In my lifetime, the original Baltimore sports hero was Cal Ripken, Jr. While no where close to as animated and outspoken as Ray, Cal was a guy who went out there every day and gave 100%. For the majority of Ray’s career, his team was on top. He was able to achieve the ultimate prize early in his career and after many years of getting close again, he ended his career with his 2nd championship. Cal, similarly began his career with a world championship. But after that initial victory, he spent majority of his career at the bottom, with little hope of being able to return to glory. Except for a few magical seasons, Cal was able to still show the determination and work ethic of a champion, without being on a winning team. Now that is motivation.

Pop Results Drive

What is the point I am trying to make (besides praise 2 of my favorite Baltimore players)? The point is that while surrounding yourself with greatness will help you raise your game, you need to motivate yourself. My third hometown motivator is Andrew Bart. He pushes me and Pop Results Internet Marketing Strategies as a whole to that next level. He loves life, loves the relationships he has built and loves what we are doing at Pop Results. To be the best at what you do, you have to love what you do. As a marketer, I love being able to show someone why they should use my client’s product or service. Being able to make that connection is very fulfilling to me. The methods and tools we are able to maximize with our inbound marketing strategies makes my job that much better. It’s like if Cal Ripken, Jr. was able to play on a team that achieved the same success and Ray Lewis’ team. And play alongside Ray Lewis. In fact, that combination of players, playing together on a winning team, is like Andrew and I on Pop Results. I’ll let you decide who is Ray and who is Cal.

Off topic, but still on point

We may have veered off our expected editorial calendar this week, but I still have another Instagram video in the series. I hope you enjoy Pop Results Presents – Hometown Motivation.

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