Local Search – How Men Ask Directions

Local Search – How Men Ask Directions

To date, we have spent many blogs discussing the benefits of local search and the pitfalls of the numerous systems in place. I have called it the Wild West of the Web, Andrew Bart has shown you the tools for a successful local marketing campaign, and we have explained what content to use. But we have not hit about the main reason why local search is so important. It finally solved the age old issue of men refusing to ask for directions. After years, decades even centuries of aggravation, battles, wasted time, missed dinners, date stand-ups (the list can go on and on), men finally are able to get to their destination.

You see, it is ingrained in our brains at a very young age to be independent. We know woman are smarter, so we have to do everything in our power to keep us on equal footing. One way is to always know how to get wherever we are going, and never show weakness by asking another man how to get there. Why do you think most navigation systems use a woman’s voice?


The first light at the end of the tunnel of men being lost was the navigation system. When that technology came out, we could be told (by a woman, most likely) how to get from where we were to where we were going. But there was still a big missing component, where were we going?

Enter Local Search

As the internet began to evolve, so did the ability to find out where things were in relation to where you were. If you wanted Mexican for dinner, you now could simply search on numerous platforms for Mexican restaurants in your area. And not just any Mexican restaurant, one that got great reviews. (This actually solved another issue of the unknown, now all men “had a guy”.) You could check out the menu look at pictures of the restaurant, even make a reservation. As the technology continued to improve, we were able to combine these life altering pieces of technology and optimization to be able to find what we wanted, near where we were, even though we normally had no idea where that was.

If done properly, your target customer (including women) can find you, read good reviews about your establishment and then get turn by turn directions to you. No more getting lost, no more not knowing where to go, and no more arguing about asking for directions. And with that, I give you the latest and greatest compilation of men getting lost, stuck, confused and mocked with Pop Results Presents – How Man Ask Directions.

You have to push the play arrow, in case you needed directions!

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