Paid Search Marketing – Get Your Message to Your Audience

Paid Search Marketing – Get Your Message To Your Audience

Pop Results focuses on inbound marketing solutions. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop, where we are able to integrate a custom set of solutions in order to maximize your exposure and get you the best return on your investment. The majority of what we do, like content marketing, on page and off page seo, social media, mobile and video marketing are all organic formats. We strive to make you the authority in your field and that means supplying your target audience with a plethora of useful information and direction. In order to make sure yours is the information they are getting, we have to cover all our bases, and the sponsored ad space at the top and side of the SERPs are very valuable locations for us to disseminate your expertise.

Paid Placement

Part of a successful marketing campaign, whether it is online or traditional, is to make sure you get your message in front your audience. Saturation and repetition are two keys to getting their attention. In order to gain top of mind awareness to your potential customers, you want them to hear your message many times and in many places. Add in the ability to hear from you first, and then follow that up with more information from you just adds to the ingraining of your message in their minds. Paid search is an excellent tool to use in order to gain that top spot. If setup properly, you are only paying for results from your target audience, and not wasting money on unqualified leads.

Balance and Harmony

Paid search marketing works great when strategically planned as part of a well balanced inbound marketing campaign. By using several of the techniques that Pop Results features, we can assure that your message is spread out in many of the locations your customers search. With paid search, we can quickly get the top spot, and then reinforce the message with several organic spots in the results. That brings us to this week’s Instagram video. For this one, I was able to tie in a scene from one my favorite movies, “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!” (yes, it made a cameo last week too – it is that good) in which Lt. Frank Drebin (the late, great Leslie Nielsen) pays his informant for information and, in turn, his informant pays Lt. Drebin, his own money back for more information. It is a fantastic scene and works well for Pop Results Presents | The Roots of Paid Search. Roll clip…

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