Paid Search Marketing – Get Your Message to Your Audience

Paid Search Marketing – Get Your Message To Your Audience

Pop Results focuses on inbound marketing solutions. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop, where we are able to integrate a custom set of solutions in order to maximize your exposure and get you the best return on your investment. The majority of what we do, like content marketing, on page and off page seo, social media, mobile and video marketing are all organic formats. We strive to make you the authority in your field and that means supplying your target audience with a plethora of useful information and direction. Read more

Improve Paid Search with Better Content

Every month the Google AdWords bill comes in, and it is for the maximum amount of your budget. You have picked out the best keywords, which is why people are clicking and thus, they are all converting into sales and customers, right? Case closed. Easy blog for this guy. Glad I picked this topic. Time to start drinking…Wait, what? That is not how it works? I guess that’s why the Cat-wearing-a-hat2fortune you are spending on a Cat Hats paid search campaign has not made you an overnight billionaire. There are several content driven factors in a paid search campaign that will affect your results. Read more

Paid Search Tools

Paid Search Tools

Paid search is a competitive landscape that requires research, knowledge, an evolving workflow, and constant oversight.  To be successful and not end up in a circumstance of loss, the use of paid search tools is a necessity.  As is the case with all internet marketing disciplines, it all begins with expanding your base of expertise through books, university classes, and following the top influencers in the space.  Once the foundation of knowledge has been established, the proper use of paid search software can help to optimize your campaign management.

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Paid Search Management – Like A Champion

When clients ask me about paid search, they say that it seems like a lot of work to organically driving traffic to their website. Can’t we just pay for clicks? My response is always the same, “You can certainly pay for clicks, but do not think that it is that simple.” If you want your online marketing campaign to play like a champion for you, you will want the right balance of organic and sponsored links for your business including quality paid search management. Read more