Inbound Marketing Company Pop Results Launches Responsive Web Design

Inbound Marketing Company Pop Results Launches Responsive Web Design

Pop Results Inbound Marketing Agency announces the release of a new responsive website design for

Pop Results, an Arizona inbound marketing agency that offers a broad range of innovative digital marketing services catering to small and medium sized businesses unveiled an updated responsive web design for the company website  As Jeffrey S Freedman, VP of Client Solutions explains, “The catalyst for the new design was the desire to make our resourceful content more consumption friendly.  The sustained hyper-growth of the mobile device market necessitated that we matriculate our content into a responsive design that would naturally accommodate the varying screen sizes that our end users utilize to consume our information.”

In addition to the responsive design structure, the new Pop Results company website offers user friendly navigation for the digital marketing services section including transparent pricing packages for inbound marketing, content marketing, on page seo, paid search, and social media marketing.  The blog is littered with top of the funnel and granular information on the various digital marketing services that are listed on the site and in the various blog categories.  Last, but certainly not least, getting in touch with Pop Results is easier than ever with a variety of forms sprinkled throughout the site.  The new website truly reflects both a mobile responsive design and Pop Results interest in being responsive to its new and existing clientele.

About Pop Results

Founded in 2003, Pop Results is an inbound marketing agency with over a decade of experience assisting small and medium size businesses as well as globally recognizable brands with complex internet marketing campaigns.  Pop Results specializes in inbound marketing services including but not limited to content marketing, on page seo, off page seo, local search, paid search, paid search, social media marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, lead generation, reputation management, and digital pr solutions.  For more information, visit or call (480)442-4860.


Paid Search Marketing – Get Your Message to Your Audience

Paid Search Marketing – Get Your Message To Your Audience

Pop Results focuses on inbound marketing solutions. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop, where we are able to integrate a custom set of solutions in order to maximize your exposure and get you the best return on your investment. The majority of what we do, like content marketing, on page and off page seo, social media, mobile and video marketing are all organic formats. We strive to make you the authority in your field and that means supplying your target audience with a plethora of useful information and direction. Read more

Local Search – How Men Ask Directions

Local Search – How Men Ask Directions

To date, we have spent many blogs discussing the benefits of local search and the pitfalls of the numerous systems in place. I have called it the Wild West of the Web, Andrew Bart has shown you the tools for a successful local marketing campaign, and we have explained what content to use. But we have not hit about the main reason why local search is so important. It finally solved the age old issue of men refusing to ask for directions. After years, decades even centuries of aggravation, battles, wasted time, missed dinners, date stand-ups (the list can go on and on), men finally are able to get to their destination.
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Internet Marketing Motivation

Internet Marketing Motivation

The best person that can motivate you to do anything, is you. You are your best motivator, the only one who can truly make you want to do something. There are many awesome speakers and doers out there, that can certainly give you that extra push. My partner at Pop Results Inbound Marketing Agency, Andrew Bart, and I have been using Ray Lewis, with his work ethic, determination and drive as our extra push to take us to the next level. Read more

Internet Marketing Strategy Of A Champion

Internet Marketing Strategy of A Champion

With the start of the professional football season approaching, I want to take the opportunity to tell you about the core of the team at Pop Results, how this team goes about its business, and how to construct the internet marketing strategy of a champion.  Internet marketing and football are not that different.  They are both games being played where the strategies and tactics are ever-changing.  In the case of football, you are fighting to gain yardage, score points, and ultimately win games.  In the case of internet marketing, you are pursuing your end goals of gaining more traffic, leads, and ultimately conversions.  The formula for creating a winning strategy in internet marketing has several key parallels to what creates a champion in football. Read more

Inbound Marketing With Pop Results

Inbound Marketing A Date With Popular Results

As a prominent inbound marketing agency that primarily operates off of an increasingly steady stream of inbound leads, we are fortunate that we can be selective about the type of clientele that we are willing to make a commitment to serve.  This fact might come as a surprise to some who chase business but, at Pop Results, over the short term gain, we favor loyalty, long term commitments, and the ability to plan and execute sustainable campaigns.  Based on extensive advance research and the implementation of principles that maintain a high level of certainty, we pride ourselves on our ability to create strategies that manage digital marketing campaigns with tomorrow in mind. Read more

Creative Content Expert – Jeffrey S Freedman

Creative Content Expert – Jeffrey S Freedman

Jeffrey S Freedman | Pop ResultsCreative content expert. That is a very bold statement. Especially when it comes to design. So what makes someone consider themselves an expert when it comes to subjective topics like design. In my opinion (again subjective) what makes great design is all circumstantial. Read more