Internet Marketing Strategy Of A Champion

Internet Marketing Strategy of A Champion

With the start of the professional football season approaching, I want to take the opportunity to tell you about the core of the team at Pop Results, how this team goes about its business, and how to construct the internet marketing strategy of a champion.  Internet marketing and football are not that different.  They are both games being played where the strategies and tactics are ever-changing.  In the case of football, you are fighting to gain yardage, score points, and ultimately win games.  In the case of internet marketing, you are pursuing your end goals of gaining more traffic, leads, and ultimately conversions.  The formula for creating a winning strategy in internet marketing has several key parallels to what creates a champion in football.

My partner, Jeffrey S Freedman and I are two friends who were raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  In turn, we bleed Baltimore Ravens purple and black.  The foundation of our championship team was built on the soul of our inspiration and hero Ray Lewis.  Ray taught us that heart, loyalty, and passion are ingrained in our character and like he impacted his teammates, the city of Baltimore, and the game of football, Jeffrey and I apply these qualities to the execution internet marketing strategies for our clients.

Have the Heart of Champion – Be Relentless

As is the case with the Superbowl Champion Baltimore Ravens, Pop Results inbound marketing agency tackles our internet marketing projects with the heart of a champion.  This means our effort is relentless.  You have to have to have that passion for what you are doing and you need it to comfortably be your ambition in life.  You have to know how to get yourself involved in every play and outwork and outsmart your competitors.  You have to put in the countless hours on the front side into research, competitive analysis, and building yourself up to be as dynamic and pervasive as possible.

For those of you who have heard Ray Lewis speak, you understand that a game began for the Ravens well in advance of the start of the game clock.  This man never took a day off in his entire football career.  He studied film, worked his ass off in the gym, and he learned to channel his passion into words and emotion that resonated with anyone he came into contact with.  Ray’s pre-game speeches and entrances were historic and they had the effect of taking those around him to a whole new level.  At Pop Results we implement this type of front side routine for our internet marketing clients.  In advance of implementation, we put in the work to create a vision that will make the difference when the time comes to execute.  Then, with unmatched effort, we run with you down the path of success and as barriers emerge, we run through them in front of you.  If you want to be the best, outwork the others before, after, and during.

Loyalty – Let People Know Who You Really Are

Loyalty is earned and proven over time.  Ray Lewis played 17 years for the Baltimore Ravens.  He demonstrated a level of loyalty to the city of Baltimore and to the Ravens organization that will likely never be seen again but it will be felt and remembered forever.  Over this 17 year period, Ray provided a compelling character story that captured the heart and interest of a city and on at least two occasions the world stage at the Superbowl.  To quote Ray, “Loyalty is going inside your heart and finding out who you really are.”  Show the world that heart and you will earn and prove that loyalty.

At Pop Results, Jeffrey and I apply this loyalty to our client relationships and the planning of our client strategies.  At the forefront, we conceive internet marketing plans with long term success goals in mind.  We are an inbound marketing agency that aims to help our clients over the long haul to help them let people know who they really are.  By helping to tell the story of our clients and presenting their heartfelt take on their respective industry, products, and services and how they aim to benefit the consumer, we help our clients create loyalty with their customers, earn respect of their peers in the industry, and gain new customers.

Evolve Your Weapons – Add New Internet Marketing Strategies

The mark of a true leader is one knows how to lead without being the best player on the field.  They create a path of succession so that when they step down, other weapons are in place to maintain success.  They encourage the development of those new weapons and strategies and they allow them to move to the forefront with a humble heart and the understanding that for continued success to occur, these novel weapons are the future.  In the latest Superbowl championship win by the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis gave way to Joe Flacco and Ray Rice.  In front of his teammates, he pronounced Joe Flacco as the new leader of the team and through his words and actions, Ray made it clear that he was handing off the reins.  Joe went on to one of the most successful quarterback performances in the history of the NFL playoffs.

At Pop Results, Jeffrey and I are on always looking for that next big thing in internet marketing.  We test new internet marketing tools.  We share them with you in our blogs.  When we see a new medium like Instagram Video, we jump on it and we create and test campaigns on our own so we are cutting edge for our clients.  When we find innovative tools and strategies that are successful, we promote these new weapons in our client campaigns.  The path for long term success in an internet marketing campaign demands innovation.  For sustained success, spend the time to learn and master these novel weapons as they are the future.  Don’t be afraid to move forward and build upon the foundation you have created.

No Weapon Shall Prosper

No matter your religion or level of faith, there is no disputing the fact that the heart, loyalty, and passion of one man literally led a team of individuals to resounding success.  If you infuse these qualities into the development and implementation of your internet marketing campaigns, you will outwork and outsmart your competitors on a transparent and real level.  Your passion and emotion will resonate with the public, your competitors, and your clients.  As we do at Pop Results, earn respect the right way.  Through preparation and determination, in the immortal words of our hero, “You get one opportunity at life, one chance at life.  Make your mark.  Leave your Legacy.”  Apply this approach and your internet marketing campaign will be an implacable force to be reckoned with.

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