Creative Content Expert – Jeffrey S Freedman

Creative Content Expert – Jeffrey S Freedman

Jeffrey S Freedman | Pop ResultsCreative content expert. That is a very bold statement. Especially when it comes to design. So what makes someone consider themselves an expert when it comes to subjective topics like design. In my opinion (again subjective) what makes great design is all circumstantial.

What makes a Great Graphic?

For the sake of graphics that work in the blogging medium, a great blog graphic is one that resonates with the reader and expresses a large amount of information in a easy to digest, and even enjoyable, format. Part of my qualifications lie in the type of graphic that is created. Does the topic have a ton of statistics and so it calls for an infographic, is it a series of similar concepts that a SlideShare would work well or is it a complex concept that a video would work best. Being able to make these decisions is part of what makes me a creative content expert.



A big part of being able to connect with your audience through your graphics or words is being able to read and know how to talk to people. I was always the class clown. I loved entertaining people, distracting them from boring stuff and making them laugh, probably at the wrong times (sorry about that). I spent many years in high school acting in school plays, connecting with my audience, telling stories and entertaining them (my early days of blogging?).

I’ve also always had the entrepreneurial spirit, and in 9th grade, at the wee age of 14, and still unable to drive, I opened a disc jockey business. Party Time DJs, maybe we played a party of yours back in the 90s. Again, it was my ability to connect with the audience and play the right track at the right time that was a prelude to knowing what content went in at the right place.

I also ran two radio shows in college, again, using my ability to connect with my audience and cultivating my expert status.

Professionally Speaking…

After college I got into traditional advertising and marketing, with a focus on video production for television and online. I Logo Design | Pop Resultsworked at several TV stations and advertising agencies, creating custom campaigns. I used my ability to connect with both clients and their target audience to create many successful advertising campaigns. This ability to not only connect with audiences, but with clients as well, stirred my entrepreneurial spirit again and in 2007, Joe Uddeme and I formed Encompass Communications, a full service advertising agency. We worked with numerous legal, medical and retail clients and I was really able to hone my creative skills. From creating courtroom graphics to explain complex concepts that won a $150 Million case, to numerous television ads, websites, paid search campaigns, direct mail pieces and more, my ability to connect with audiences and clients helped grow my talents.

From FreeStyle to Pop Results

(aka From Baltimore to Arizona and Back Again)

Several years later, Joe and I parted ways and my wife, who had been the PR director at Encompass, became my new partner and we formed FreeStyle MultiMedia, which was more focused on content creation and public relations. We also Freestyle Multimedia | Pop Resultshad two wonderful daughters in that time span and decided to make a major life change to grow the business and move out to sunny Arizona. We are both firm believers that you only live once, so if you want to do something, just do it. While in Arizona, my wife wound up getting an excellent opportunity as the PR Director of a major agency and I crossed paths with Andrew Bart, who was the missing piece in my career puzzle. With his online marketing and optimization expertise, and my creative content experience, we joined forces to take Pop Results in a new and much more powerful direction. Our backgrounds complimented each other perfectly, with Andrew bringing skills to the table that were not as strong in my background, and my creative savvy rounded out the mix that is Pop Results.

Inbound Marketing Agency | Pop Results

That back again part I mentioned in the headline? Well, after about a year of constant illness from my wife, it had taken a toll on her job and her well being, and, since you only live once and you really don’t want to do it sick, we packed up the clan (2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and the 2 of us) and headed back east. However, this time we were armed with Pop Results. I am now able to work closer with the east coast client base, while still running the creative and fulfillment side of the company, leaving Andrew to cover the west coast clients and the strategy side of the business. It has poised us to really be able to cover our bases and make sure our clients are constantly tended to.

The Future

We are all really excited about the future of Pop Results. We feel we have set ourselves up in a great spot to service the needs of the next wave of comfort marketing. The future is here, and Pop Results is ready to make sure your company doesn’t get left behind. We love what we do, and we hope you’ll want to hop on with us. It is going to be a great ride!

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