Paid Search Tools

Paid Search Tools

Paid search is a competitive landscape that requires research, knowledge, an evolving workflow, and constant oversight.  To be successful and not end up in a circumstance of loss, the use of paid search tools is a necessity.  As is the case with all internet marketing disciplines, it all begins with expanding your base of expertise through books, university classes, and following the top influencers in the space.  Once the foundation of knowledge has been established, the proper use of paid search software can help to optimize your campaign management.

Paid Search Books

Paid Search Marketing Book

Search Engine Marketing, Inc. by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt offers a comprehensive view of all of the key elements of search engine marketing including on page seo, off page seo, and paid search.  In particular, their explanation of paid search optimization, strategy, management, and analytics is both informative and thorough.  The philosophical approaches to the primary paid search channels as well as the standout shopping search engines are realistic and easy to follow.
Google Adwords Book

Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd’s Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords dissects the anatomy of the preeminent paid search marketing property.  From sections on ad copy composition that increases click-through rates to streamlining the bidding process, this paid search book ends up doubling as a Google Adwords desk reference.  Another highlight of this book is the in depth analysis on tracking and analytics associated with Google Adwords campaigns.

Paid Search University

Is there a better way to learn about paid search than to take a class and gain certification from none other than Google itself?  With the Google Adwords Certification Program, you can gain valuable training and insight on how to construct and properly execute a Google Adwords campaign.  After passing a short series of examinations, Google issues a certificate that to the individual or business that can be used as promotional tool.  Those bearing this certificate are deemed subject matter experts in Google Adwords and are listed in the Google Partner paid search vendor directory.

For those seeking an option that is not solely dedicated to Google Adwords, the Online Marketing Institute offers a comprehensive Pay-Per-Click Certification program.  While the training subject matter is fairly similar in concept to the Google Adwords Certification Program, the Online Marketing Institute goes into specific detail on Google and Bing as well as several of the lesser known paid search properties.

Paid Search Conferences

Hero Conf is the leading paid search conference that is dedicated specifically to PPC content.  Attendees gain the opportunity to network with paid search software vendors and industry influencers.  There are seminars and workshops that cover the spectrum of all things paid search related.  This event is a can’t miss for anyone interested in paid search.


Paid Search Software

The paid search software vertical provides a host of choices to help streamline and tackle the complexities of paid search management.  While each software option offers a variation on campaign management workflow, it is a matter of preference.  Three of the most popular software options are as follows:

  • Marin SoftwarePaid Search Management Software
  • Acquisioacquisio
  • Clicksweeperclick_sweeper
  • Wordstreamwordstream

Find Your Sweet Spot with Paid Search

At the end of the day, paid search management is about finding the sweet spot keywords where the competition isn’t quite as fierce.  Capitalizing on these prime targets can be the difference between success and failure.  With pinpoint research and the use of the paid search tools listed above, your campaign can be executed with resounding rapid success.

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