• MyBlogGuest Google Penalty Leads To Confusion

    MyBlogGuest Guest Blogging Platform

    For those who have never heard of MyBlogGuest, it is a guest blogging platform that is conceptualized and owned by Ann Smarty.  Ann is an internet marketing thought leader and in addition to MyBlogGuest, her background includes experience as a Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas.  Ann’s goal in creating MyBlogGuest was to develop an online platform that would streamline the interaction between guest bloggers and blog publishers.

  • Lead Generation Mistakes

    Lead Generation Mistakes

    One of the main reasons any business puts up a website is to generate leads. Sure you want to get some info out, and keep yourself relevant. Maybe even entertain your audience. However, the bottom line is you want to make a profit, which means you need customers. Not wasting time with people who will never buy, but actual leads, interested in your product or service. As you build and execute an online lead generation campaign, be sure you don’t make some of these common mistakes.

  • Lead Generation Blogs

    Lead Generation Blogs

    Attempting to learn the ins-and-outs of an intricate Internet marketing discipline is no small feat. In this case, take online lead generation. Before jumping into reading a list of the top lead generation blogs it makes sense to start the learning process by studying a basic lead generation definition. Without the background knowledge associated with the answers to what is lead generation, comprehension of this complex subject would be unnecessarily difficult. Many of the concepts would not make sense. The words would not resonate and the unstructured learning process would likely lead either to frustration or even worse, failure.

  • Video Marketing Mistakes

    Video Marketing Mistakes

    Reading or watching a video? It is an age old question that has plagued our ancestors since the dawn of time. OK, maybe that is not true, but when it comes to the web and telling your story, utilizing a combination of text and video, can make any post more compelling. That is, of course, unless you make some these video marketing mistakes.

  • Video Marketing Blogs

    Video Marketing Blogs

    From the traditional big screen to the small screens of mobile devices, the power of video to entertain, educate, and inform is without parallel. To the novice, the thought of developing a blockbuster online video marketing strategy can seem incredibly overwhelming if not downright impossible. Start small and begin the learning process by absorbing a video marketing definition that provides a macro foundation of knowledge on the meaning of video marketing.

  • Mobile Marketing Mistakes

    Mobile Marketing Mistakes

    The internet has evolved quite a bit since Al Gore invented it. It has gone from slow (and loud) dial up connections that took forever to load pages, to high-speed connections on mobile devices.  Mobile phones, tablets and yes, even phablets are everywhere you look. This fact means your customers are probably using a mobile device right now. As a result, not properly connecting with them on these devices could be detrimental to your business. This blog will identify the most common mobile marketing mistakes and provide mobile marketing tips to enhance your users experience.  

  • Mobile Marketing Blogs

    Mobile Marketing Blogs

    Even for the most advanced marketer, it is not easy to keep up with the swift pace in the evolution of mobile marketing. More than any other Internet marketing discipline, mobile marketing is incredibly fragmented. With sub-genres including but not limited to click-to-call marketing, mobile seo, sms marketing, and app store optimization, gaining a basic foothold on knowledge of the space can seem like an insurmountable challenge. I recommend starting simple and absorbing a mobile marketing definition on a very macro level.

  • Social Media Marketing Mistakes

    Social Media Marketing Mistakes

    What started as a peer to peer online community quickly grew into an excellent place for business to connect with their customer base on a personal level. The various social networks provide a great platform for companies to directly reach and communicate back and forth with their target audience. Like it’s traditional advertising predecessor, social media marketing networks can be selected to match the interests of the customers, but now, instead of talking to or down at current and potential buyers, the dialog is open, 2-way and instantaneous. We know it is important and that it can be viewed as an online party. But with this great new power, comes even greater responsibility. If you make a mistake in your social media marketing, it will be known much quicker, spread much faster and cause even more damage.

  • Social Media Marketing Blogs

    Social Media Marketing Blogs

    In the decade and a half that I have spent in the Internet marketing industry, more than any other online discipline, social media marketing represents vast potential, tight demographic targeting, and platform variety. While there are numerous aspects of social media marketing, the four primary areas include social media optimization, social media management, social media promotion, and paid social media marketing. With multiple platforms to consider as well as a multiplicity of potential campaign types, social media marketing can be overwhelming to learn.

  • Paid Search Mistakes

    Paid Search Mistakes

    When you are actually paying each time someone clicks on one of your paid search listings, you want to try and keep your mistakes that can result in direct losses of money to an absolute minimum. We have gone over using content and management to maximize your paid results. Here are some other you can do and avoid to get the most bang for your buck.