Inbound Marketing Content – The Content King is Born

Inbound Marketing Content – The Content King Is Born

For months now I have been preaching the virtues of inbound marketing. I’ve had it beaten up in a fight with outbound marketing plus shown and discussed techniques to make a stronger campaign with images. I have covered all the other aspects of inbound marketing content as well, from what they are to how to use them better. Read more

Inbound Marketing Definition

Inbound Marketing Definition

As a follow up to my What is Inbound Marketing blog, I feel it is important to offer my personal definition for inbound marketing as well as provide my opinion on a few grey areas.  While there are a number of popularized inbound marketing definitions, mine is as follows:

“Inbound marketing is the execution of a soft sell strategy and lead generation process that concentrates on gaining customer conversions through the strategic presentation of relevant, educational, and influential content that a consumer is able to locate on their own volition.” Andrew Bart, Founder & EVP of Digital Strategy at Pop Results Read more

Inbound Marketing With Pop Results

Inbound Marketing A Date With Popular Results

As a prominent inbound marketing agency that primarily operates off of an increasingly steady stream of inbound leads, we are fortunate that we can be selective about the type of clientele that we are willing to make a commitment to serve.  This fact might come as a surprise to some who chase business but, at Pop Results, over the short term gain, we favor loyalty, long term commitments, and the ability to plan and execute sustainable campaigns.  Based on extensive advance research and the implementation of principles that maintain a high level of certainty, we pride ourselves on our ability to create strategies that manage digital marketing campaigns with tomorrow in mind. Read more

Content Marketing Plan – A Palette of Creativity

So you got your website setup.  You made sure it’s properly optimized and full of relevant text.  You have committed to constantly adding new entries to your blog on topics that are designed to make you the authority in your field.  Back in the early days of the Internet, as long as your content was full of related keywords, you would be good to go.  These days, a website operating without a content marketing plan as well as rich imagery and captivating content is like trying to fly a plane with no experience. Read more

What is Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Generate leads with your online reputation.

Inbound marketing is a strategic reversal of traditional marketing methodologies that rely on a cat-and-mouse game of chasing down potential prospects and attempting to convince them why they need your product or service.  Instead of employing a litany of push selling tactics with high rates of failure like traditional advertising or cold contacting, inbound marketing solutions focus on the concepts of developing your online reputation into a trusted resource and an influencer in your field of expertise.

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