Inbound Marketing Content – The Content King is Born

Inbound Marketing Content – The Content King Is Born

For months now I have been preaching the virtues of inbound marketing. I’ve had it beaten up in a fight with outbound marketing plus shown and discussed techniques to make a stronger campaign with images. I have covered all the other aspects of inbound marketing content as well, from what they are to how to use them better.

The Future

I have been saying this all along, there is only one rule you need to follow to have a successful inbound marketing campaign; Content is King! Sure, there are a ton of additional moving parts to any great campaign, but at the core of it is what you are saying and how you are representing it. In past entries, lists of some of the best platforms to place, as well as aggregate your content were made, but there can never be a definitive list made, because in the world of the web, things are always changing. I had a whole entry on Vine for my last video marketing entry. Just a week or two later, Instagram added a video component to their photo sharing platform and like that, Vine was taken down a peg or three. By embracing these new opportunities to share our content and spread our messages, we can stay ahead of trends and remain the authorities in our respective fields.

The Content King was born a Prince

It has been all over the news, we followed it on twitter, facebook, on websites, on television and even in newspapers. A new prince was born. A potential future king. While at the same time, our prince of a blog is growing up to be the future content king.

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