The Relationship of Images and Inbound Marketing

‘Say cheese!’

USAF_photographerAn instantly identifiable quote that makes you think of taking a photo. Even though we are only talking about a dairy product, your mind goes to taking pictures. Here’s another quote that should make you think of images, ‘Inbound Marketing!’  This blog will explain the relationship of images and inbound marketing.  Why? because in order to accomplish your goals with an inbound marketing campaign, you must accomplish several things:

  • Relevancy – making sure whatever information you are putting out there is related to your specific topic
  • Trending – in order to gain traction, you want a topic people will actually be looking for
  • Resonating – you want to make sure your output clicks with your target audience
  • Memorability – finally, make sure your blogs, posts, tweets and whatever else is in your plan is memorable, if people forget your campaign, they forget you

Achieving your Goals With Images

I’ll go step by step through my previous list of goals and explain how images can make or break your inbound marketing campaign. Now, when I say images, I’m being very generic. What I am referring to is:

  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Stock Imagery
  • SlideShares
  • Videos
  • Custom Graphics

For example, if you have not seen our popular inbound marketing versus outbound marketing infographic, be sure to check it out as it was one of our most shared digital assets.


A fantastic way to make sure your campaign stays on topic and does not digress is to keep your text shorter and include several graphics. Instead of writing an 800 word blog about pet grooming, where 300 words are talking about the weather, cut it down to just 500 words on topic and then show some photos of examples. Even better, make it 300-400 words and include an instructional video on pet grooming. It keeps it on topic, and the pictures or video makes it even more relevant, as the reader can really know what’s being discussed.


Amy Schumer Inbound Marketing Trending TopicThis one is an easy way to use graphics. Even if your topic has nothing to do with any trending topic, and was planned out months in advance, figure out a way to tie a trending graphic into your narrative. If your topic of the week was hairstyles, you could tie in Amy Schumer and her hairstyle with an image of her. She was a top trending topic this week so just by having her mentioned in your blog, and her image properly optimized, you can increase your exposure tremendously.


 Inbound Marketing Meme Pope PhishI think this is one of the most important goals with any marketing tactic. Inbound, outbound, old new, digital or carved in stone, you need to make sure you connect with your audience. Let me say that again it is that important. You need to connect with your audience. Otherwise it is just words pictures. So how do you connect. Well, you need to first know who you are writing towards. Make sure your topic is relatable to their interests. But to really hit home, include a graphic that they “get”. Maybe it is a clever meme. If your topic was live music you could include this graphic from last month that hit on two trending topics, the pope resigning and Phish summer tour 2013. This inbound marketing meme would relate to your topic and, because it was two hot topics, give you a really good chance of connecting with your audience.


Above everything else, you want to make sure that your audience remembers your efforts. It doesn’t matter how you put it out there, facebook, twitter, google+ or your own blog, make sure it is memorable. You can do this in several ways.

  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Humorous
  • Sharable

That list does have some overlap as well, since the best posts are actually going to include all four of those aspects. If your topic was how to I present my product to investors, you could include a SlideShare that shows the merits of being an awe inspiring presenter. (Thanks HubSpot!)

What Would Steve Do? 10 Lessons from the World’s Most Captivating Presenters

from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

It covers all the bases because it is very informative, with great tips, the images and quotes are both entertaining and humorous, and because it is a SlideShare and it is filled with celebrities, it is extremely shareable (I just did it on this blog!)

So when planning out your inbound marketing strategy, make sure the imagery is not forgotten, as it is just as important as the campaign itself.

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