Mobile Marketing Definition

Mobile Marketing Definition

In the world of Internet marketing, the only constant is change.  More often than not, even industry experts do not realize how frenetically fast their industry is advancing.  It is not until they return from a week of vacation to find that what they left behind is already a different animal.  This hyper-accelerated evolution is even more applicable to the mobile marketing segment.  From the release of the latest and greatest mobile devices to the launch of innovative mobile marketing disciplines, the answer to what is mobile marketing is a response that is evolving at warp speed.  To accurately provide a mobile marketing definition that will provide valuable insight and withstand the test of time, I will keep my definition short and sweet.

“Mobile Marketing is the discipline of target marketing to end users specifically on mobile devices including but not limited to mobile phones, tablets, and Google Glass.” –  Andrew Bart, Founder & EVP of Digital Strategy at Pop Results
Mobile Marketing Definition | Pop Results

Mobile Marketing Means Right Message, Right Place, Right Time

Over all other forms of Internet marketing, the primary advantage of mobile marketing is the ability to deliver a highly relevant and persuasive message to a specific user while they are standing at or near a point of sale.  Mobile marketing means personalization.  Imagine that you are walking through a home goods store and you are considering the purchase of new bedding.  All of the sudden, your phone vibrates and you receive a promotional SMS or MMS text that indicates all bedding items in that store are 20% off if you present the text at checkout.  In all likelihood, if you were considering the possibility of making a purchase before you walked in the store, there is a dramatically increased chance that you are going to complete that purchase now.

Another example of the power of mobile marketing is in the form of mobile search and tap to call actions.  As a person who lives in Arizona, when the air conditioning unit goes out, I am looking for a quick fix.  Since using my mobile phone is far more convenient than loading up the laptop, I am going to conduct a search on my phone for air conditioning repair service.  Without me typing my geographic location, the search results that appear are displaying results for air conditioning repair companies in my immediate area.  Furthermore, many of these results offer a tap to call feature that will immediately initiate an auto-dialing feature on my phone.  In a fraction of a second, my search has me dialed in to a local company that has a very solid opportunity to convince me in conversation that they can remedy my issue.

Mobile Marketing A Growing List Of Options

As mentioned in our Mobile Marketing Statistics – The Power In Your Pocket blog, the way the world is finding and consuming information is shifting.  As advancements in existing mobile devices occur and devices like Google Glass become more prevalent, innovative mobile marketing options are concurrently being developed and the list of options continues to grow.  Here are just a few of the current mobile marketing strategies that exist:

  • SMS & MMS
  • Mobile Search
  • Apps
  • Tap to Call
  • Mobile Content Marketing
  • Augmented Reality
  • QR Codes
  • Mobile Lead Generation

Mobile Marketing Test And Navigate The Uncharted Waters

Okay, so you understand that mobile is the way of the future and the future is now.  The next step is to engage in one or more areas of mobile marketing and assess the analytics on which strategies are most effective for your business.  The most sensible initial engagement would be to have a mobile responsive website design as well as an effective mobile seo strategy.  As your business is able to take more risks, investments in mobile marketing tactics are likely to have less competition than other disciplines and you can possibly gain substantial mobile market share with a first to market type of approach.  The early bird tends to get the worm and mobile marketing is no different.

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