Lead Generation Mistakes

Lead Generation Mistakes

One of the main reasons any business puts up a website is to generate leads. Sure you want to get some info out, and keep yourself relevant. Maybe even entertain your audience. However, the bottom line is you want to make a profit, which means you need customers. Not wasting time with people who will never buy, but actual leads, interested in your product or service. As you build and execute an online lead generation campaign, be sure you don’t make some of these common mistakes.

Not following up

A basic mistake you can make with lead generation strategy  is not following up with the lead. Just because they are interested in your company, does not mean they are just going to do business with you. The lead is the first step, you still have to follow up and close. Getting leads and not using them is like working hard and just forgetting to get paid for it.

Wrong targets

If you are going after individuals or businesses that have no interest or use for what you offer, then your efforts will be completely wasted. The only way to make your you get the return on your investment and not waste your marketing dollars is to go after the right people. Create lead generation content that will attract the proper audience.  Research who is looking for your products or services and go after them. If you are unsure how to find your target audience, hire a company that does. The extra dollars spent with them is much better than wasting money guessing.

Complicated Forms

In order to make your lead generation tactics work, you need to engage your potential customer and have them offer information to you. The last thing you want to do is make it difficult for them to give you that information or require them to give you more information than they are comfortable giving. Keep your forms short and simple, and only require the minimal information that you need to follow up.

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