Lead Generation Interview Questions And Answers

Lead Generation Interview Questions And Answers

Generating leads is the end goal in any marketing scenario. Leads are going to translate into sales much faster than people just browsing your site. But how do you convert someone from “just looking” to “ready to buy?”  Understanding what lead generation questions to ask and what answers you anticipate receiving in return is critical.


I am not talking about selling your soul, er, I mean getting married. I am talking about gaining the attention of your prospect, in such a manner that they want to take the next step. You need to engage your audience, make them more than just a casual reader. I have gone over your lead generation content options in another blog, and one of the topics I touched upon was to have your readers generate the content. I gave you an amazing statistic of an extremely high percentage of people that will fill out lead generation forms when used to answer a poll or survey. If you are going to ask questions of your audience to get them involved and to be able to customize the experience for them, make sure you…

Ask the Right Questions

Before you even worry about the questions, let us talk about the answers. They need to be short and sweet. Unless people are giving out a review, they typically do not want to give long answers. Yes or no questions are normally the best because they can be answered quickly, but you will want to include some slightly more in-depth questions on your lead generation landing pages to gain more information about the user. Plus, the more they are willing to commit to the answer of a question, the more likely they are interested in your product or service. Questions like, “What is your favorite car?” or “How many children do you have?” can give you a more qualified lead, since you can move them to the correct part of your sales funnel.

Giving the right answers, too

Let us say you own a car dealership. If your reader answered that they like the Ford F-150 and you sell compact cars and trucks, you will know to direct them to the trucks. Same with the children question. If they say they have 3 kids, you will want to present them with more family friendly options in addition to your other models. They already took the time to fill out the form, so you know there is some level of interest, so make sure you use all that information to seal the deal. Lead generation is about generating leads.


The last thing I want to discuss is why they answer your excellent questions. There are many reasons. The best reason is that they are really interested in what you have to offer, and they just want more information. But they may need a little more push to take some of their time to give you personal information. Incentives are a great way to get people to respond. We will use the car dealership example again. If you offered a $200 credit towards their next purchase if they fill out your form, they will be more likely to do it. You would not have the lead if they didn’t respond, and you will not have to give them $200 if they do not make a purchase, so it is a great incentive for both parties.
For this week’s Instagram video installment, I give you famous questions from my favorite movies in Pop Results Presents – Lead Generation: Asking Questions and Gaining Leads.

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