Digital PR Definition

Digital PR Definition

Internet marketing as a whole is a field that evolves at an extremely rapid pace.  As the industry continues to mature, the trends for nearly all of the individual disciplines are demonstrating a significant amount of interdisciplinary convergence.  In a similar manner to the way that inbound marketing blends on page seo, off page seo, social media marketing, content marketing, and can easily draw from other disciplines, digital pr is also a prime example of convergence in Internet marketing.  For those seeking a short answer to the what is digital pr question, I have included my digital pr definition as well as an explanation on what digital pr means.

“Digital PR is an earned media marketing discipline that relies on the distribution of influential content via third party relationships with press organizations, blogs, and other Internet properties.” – Andrew Bart, Founder & EVP of Digital Strategy at Pop ResultsDigital PR Definition | Pop Results

Digital PR Means Ideation, Outreach, and Content Creation

The core components at the center of digital pr are ideation, outreach and content creation.  The order of execution certainly begins with ideation but, there is dependable variance to the order of execution of outreach and content creation.  At the end of the day, as we alluded to in a previous blog, digital pr means relationship building.


This is the concept of creating concepts.  Ideation is about creating creative ideas that you can pitch to a publisher for inclusion in their publication, distribution, or press release.


Simply put, outreach is about establishing a connection.  If you can locate and connect with authoritative and relevant content distribution sources, your messaging has a home that will resonate with a powerful audience.

Content Creation

Two words – compelling content.  If you don’t have it to offer, you might as well forget outreach.  It all begins with clever ideation but the meat-and-potatoes comes with the fulfillment.

Digital PR Revolves Around The Publisher

At the end of the day, the key with digital pr is to remember no matter what product, service, or brand you are representing, above all, the content needs to appeal to the publisher and the audience of the publisher.  If you ideate or content create for your interests over those of the publisher and publisher audience, your success rate will be minimal and unsustainable.  Digital pr is about pitching an idea or a complete story that is relevant, compelling, and potentially viral to a publisher’s audience.  Never lose sight of the specific third party you are attempting to appease.

Digital PR Is About Getting Your Message Out There

To get your message projected in respected public forums, you need to create exciting, resourceful, and provocative content.  Before that ever occurs, you need to reach out and develop an “old school” interpersonal relationship with an authoritative web publisher and persuade them that your content is worth their time to post it to their audience.  If you are lucky enough to make that connection and you follow up with that publisher and present content that is rich and juicy, you have just initiated your digital pr campaign.  It is a start.  A beginning and digital pr is all about hitting the repeat button on getting your message out to the public in varying and controlled formats.  Yup, it’s hard work but the payoff is reputation, trust, and a loyal base of followers and consumers.  In other words, it’s worth it.


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