Reputation Management – One Size Does Not Fit All

Reputation Management – One Size Does Not Fit All

You did a very bad thing. Said something you regret. Drank a little too much. Offended the wrong group. Or maybe you did nothing. Someone was just out to get you. Whatever the situation, if it gets online, it will tarnish your reputation. As soon as a potential employer, investor, client or even your own mother Google you, there is that horrible story. Sitting there amongst the stories of your donations, your humanitarian awards, your Nobel Peace Prizes. Alright, maybe you do not have all those other things, but that negative portrayal of you is still sitting at the number 3 spot.

How Do You Fix It?

Reputation management services are your answer. Making sure that when people search for you, they find the best you. Pretty much everyone in the world has some skeletons in their closet. The goal is to make sure those skeletons are not plastered on page one of Google. Unless they are doing some serious digging for dirt, if your digressions can be pushed down to the 2nd or 3rd SERP, no one is going to see it. It is like putting good content this far into my post (I know you stopped reading and jumped right to the video of the week!).

So just do more good things?

Of course you should, give to charity more, drink less, exercise more. Unfortunately, doing those things will not help your online reputation (it will probably help you sleep better at night). What you will need is great, positive content marketing that outweighs the negative stuff. The worse the stuff is, the harder it will be to combat it. As my title said, one size does not fit all.

What kind of content will be needed?

That depends on what type of content is being battled. Negative reviews can be pushed away with positive reviews, but photos and video are much more difficult, since there is less of it on the web than text. It is also more of a challenge to create positive imagery without it being staged.

Can everyone be helped?

There are some people out there that have just done too many unspeakable things that there is literally nothing good about them on the web, nor is there anything they can do to overwrite their wrongs. This week’s video showcases some of the most despicable characters, doing their worst. These guys would be beyond the abilities of reputation management. Pop Results Presents | Reputation Management – One size does not fit all.

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