Digital PR Tools – Relationship Building

The Art of Digital Perception

Perception. That is the name of the game. It does not matter what you do or how you do it, if your potential customers are unaware of what you are doing right, or they only hear about what you do wrong, any marketing you do will be fruitless.

Enter Public Relations

PR is all about getting you out in the press, and getting you out there with a positive spin. Whether it is a grand opening, a promotion, a new client, PR is there to control your relationship with the public. It is right there in the name Public Relations. It is those relationships that allow you to control the perception the public has of you and your company. You want to make sure whoever is controlling your Digital PR campaigns has strong relationships built with the web publishers that are being consumed by their target demo.

Digital PR Tools

As with all online marketing efforts, you are only as strong as the tools you have in your arsenal. Even the best handyman in the world can only do so much without the proper tools. He is not going to put up a new wall without a hammer and nails. The same goes for Digital PR. Since the goal is to make sure your message is getting the most exposure it can get, you want to make sure all the right equipment is in place. The following graphic shows a list of the top tools for Digital PR, to help you achieve the “Results Pot ‘O Gold”.

Digital PR Tools

Exposure and Relationships

By using the tools in the graphic as well the plethora of other ones that exist, you can achieve maximum exposure and leverage all the relationships to gain the best digital press for your company, and the best results for your campaign.

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