Digital PR Tools – Relationship Building

The Art of Digital Perception

Perception. That is the name of the game. It does not matter what you do or how you do it, if your potential customers are unaware of what you are doing right, or they only hear about what you do wrong, any marketing you do will be fruitless.

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What is Digital PR?

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the concept of attaining editorial exposure in targeted online media outlets with the goal being to authoritatively influence relevant audiences of interest.  By contributing time and resources to the creation and dissemination of informative content, ambitious individuals and businesses alike are able to build and maintain their online reputations.  From the creation of resourceful articles with strategic positive brand mentions to the creation of non-branded how to articles that offer expert knowledge on a related product or service, digital PR is essentially an exchange of valuable content for positive reputation points. Read more