On Page SEO Definition

On Page SEO Definition

In my on page seo checklist blog, I provided a detailed overview of the key elements of on page search engine optimization.  My goal in this blog is to provide you with an on page seo definition that will stand the test of time and help to clarify the understanding of what on page seo means.

“On page seo represents search engine optimization tactics that are performed to onsite elements contained within the code architecture and framework of a website where the intent is to enhance the value of that webpage or website for a specific keyword or list of keywords in the SERPs.” –  Andrew Bart, Founder & EVP of Digital Strategy at Pop Results
On Page SEO Definition | Pop Results

On Page SEO Means – Being Visible So You Can Be Found

As I have mentioned in my internet marketing expert blog, at the end of the summer of 2000, I started my career in natural search engine optimization at iCrossing.  At that time, one of our primary pitch tag lines was “Designing a Website is simply not enough.  If you design and release a website without consideration of search engine optimization, you have a created a website that is essentially sitting in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.  It could be the most attractive website in the world but, how good is it if no one ever sees it?”  Over a decade later, this pitch for on page seo holds firm.

On page seo means  spending the time and resources to ensure that your website is designed and developed in a global and page by page manner that raises awareness for targeted keywords amidst all of the significant on page factors that search engines index.  From title tags to header tags and image naming conventions and alt tags, there is a laundry list of on page seo factors to address.  However, if the proper resources are allocated to the implementation of solid long term on page seo strategies, the results will be incredibly rewarding.

On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO – A Battle of Cohesive Tactics

Over the years, as the search engines have continued to evolve their algorithms, they have been increasingly transparent about providing an acceptable blueprint that defines white hat on page seo tactics.  In addition to the recommended implementation of their on page seo blueprint, the search engines have subsequently placed a greater percentage of their algorithmic values on white hat off page seo and link building tactics.  These days, a comprehensive natural search engine optimization campaign must take into account the differences between on page seo vs off page seo strategies.  To achieve as dynamic a campaign as possible, both seo disciplines must be performed in concert.

On Page SEO – The Foundation of Visibility

Everything in life begins with taking the first step.  Search engine optimization is no different.  On page seo is the foundation that all other internet marketing strategies should be built upon.  If you don’t set the foundation properly, it becomes inherently more difficult to maintain long term stability and achieve growth.  Without a proper on page seo strategy in place, the pursuit of off page seo tactics are relatively futile.  Most are forced into expensive paid search campaigns for primary keywords that are overpriced.  Set your on page seo strategies before web development decisions are put into place and your end product will have a solid foundation from which you can build a scalable comprehensive internet marketing campaign.


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