On Page SEO – Recipe for Success

On Page Seo Recipe For Success

You can scour the internet for lists of things and techniques you can use for On Page SEO to increase your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Even on this very site and in this blog you will read tips in places like our on page seo checklist blog making sure you do your keyword research, plan out the blueprint of your site to be search engine friendly and make sure you use key tags to help search engines find your pages and so people can read them easier. Laundry lists of aspects of your site to optimize are plastered all over the internet. But as my current favorite internet meme character, Sweet Brown, would say, “You ain’t got time for dat!”

Great On Page SEO is Like a Culinary Masterpiece

The right ingredients, a knowledge of how to put it together and how long to cook is how you make a great pie, and how you build successful On Page SEO. The latest season of Food Network Star just ended, and Rodney Henry, Owner of Dangerously Delicious Pies in Canton, my old stomping grounds, was a finalist (unfortunately not the winner). Just as Pop Results can take a business and make it the authority in it’s field, Rodney can bake any food into a delicious pie.

Baking the Perfect On Page SEO Pie

I was inspired by Rodney’s ability to create a pie from other foods. I wondered, what if he and Pop Results joined forces to create On Page SEO Pie? It would taste great and get a very high SERP ranking! So without further ado, here is the latest installment in the Pop Results Presents Instagram video series.

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