Mobile Marketing Mistakes

Mobile Marketing Mistakes

The internet has evolved quite a bit since Al Gore invented it. It has gone from slow (and loud) dial up connections that took forever to load pages, to high-speed connections on mobile devices.  Mobile phones, tablets and yes, even phablets are everywhere you look. This fact means your customers are probably using a mobile device right now. As a result, not properly connecting with them on these devices could be detrimental to your business. This blog will identify the most common mobile marketing mistakes and provide mobile marketing tips to enhance your users experience.  

Not Mobile Optimized Sites

If you are driving traffic to your site from mobile devices, make sure that your site is optimized for their device. Your customers have many choices and if they have any difficulty navigating through your site, they will just move on to your competition. Mobile marketing statistics illustrate a tremendous shift toward an increasing amount of mobile users. Make sure you take into consideration the fact that there are many different sizes and styles of mobile devices. You never know what device your customers use, so make sure your design will fit all of them.

Too Much Content

On many mobile devices, the screen are quite small.  Trying to read a ton of content on a small space can be difficult, frustrating even impossible. Those are three words you never want your audience to use to describe you or your site. You must cater to them.  Create a mobile marketing content strategy that factors the smaller screen sizes.

Asking For Too Much Input

Just like reading too much information on a small screen is tough, so is typing or filling out forms. Plus, most people do not just want to give up their personal information without incentive. If you are not giving something away, only ask for minimal, pertinent information. But be sure one thing you ask for is an email address. The whole point of getting information is so you can follow up. People tend to be more hesitant to offer up their phone number to avoid being called at all hours, but an email address is more readily given up.

Ugly Banner Ads

Remember, you marketing is an extension of your brand. Unless the goal is to be remembered as tacky and obnoxious, take the time to create a better banner. If you did not know your company, what would you take from just the banner ad?

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