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What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting | Pop ResultsGuest Posting is the process of building a relationship with a third party website or blog publisher that ultimately results in an editorial content partnership.  As is the case with traditional public relations where a pr firm pitches concepts for articles, bylines, mat releases, press releases, and other forms of content to print publishers, guest posting is essentially the same principle except it refers to public relations in the digital world.  Earning the ability to contribute guest post submissions on a high quality website or blog that is relevant to the interests of your readership, clientele, and industry influencers is an extremely powerful relationship on many mutual levels.

Benefits of Submitting a Guest Post to Blogs

Guest Post Submission | Pop Results

For the contributor making guest post submissions on blogs with high PageRank and respectable domain authority, there is inherent value to be gained through link building.  As explained in my What is Off Page SEO Blog, the higher the perceived value of the referring site, the more link juice will be passed to the landing domain.  Additionally, a third party site with significant social sharing and measureable traffic statistics provides the opportunity to gain exposure to an expanded base of relevant end users.

Contributor Benefits:

  • Inbound Links to Controlled Digital Assets
  • Audience Expansion
  • Branding Opportunities
  • Social promotion

On the other hand, a blog or site owner that accepts quality guest post submissions secures access to a steady stream of original content.  As content freshness is an on page seo factor that makes up a portion of the Google and Bing search algorithms, it is critical to consistently add new and interesting content to a managed site.  For help with the ongoing creation of fresh content, guest post contributors are an excellent source to tap.

Blog Owner Benefits:

  • Free Source of Original Content
  • Social Promotion from Author
  • On Page SEO

Guest Posting and Google Author Rank

Author Rank | Pop Results

If you are not yet familiar with Google Author Rank and the Rel=” Author” code, you are already behind the eight ball.  In short, Author Rank is a means for an author to claim ownership of their digital works and receive credit for them.  A rating system for both quality and propensity of works published help to determine the value of a specific author.  In a similar fashion to PageRank, authors with greater perceived influence add a greater factor of Author Rank to their published works.  Therefore, an article about Inbound marketing written by a highly respected influencer in the inbound marketing industry that is posted on a high ranking inbound marketing site is extremely likely to rank very high in Google’s SERPs for the search term inbound marketing.

Guest posting is an excellent way to build Author Rank.  By gaining the right to publish on reputable high ranking blogs and doing so in a consistent manner, an author is able to gain influence, increase their Klout and Kred scores, and ultimately their Author Rank.  If an author has already gained a respectable Google Author Rank in a specific area of specialty, this influence to seo article authorship is a selling point to a blog owner.

Contribute to the Pop Results Inbound Marketing Blog

Contribute Guest Post Submissions | Pop Results

At Pop Results we are all about practicing what we preach.  So, in our first blog on Guest Posting, I am issuing a call to action.  We are seeking reputable individuals in the digital marketing world who are eager and willing to contribute guest post submissions to the Pop Results inbound marketing blog.  I encourage you to review our contributor guidelines and pitch us your concepts for quality content.

If you are approved, in addition to being featured on Pop Results inbound marketing blog, you will also be featured in the Pop Results Inbound Marketing Google+ Community.  This community features our blog content and is an excellent forum for questions on all things digital and inbound marketing related.  We want you to contribute!

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