Mobile Marketing Tools

Mobile Marketing Tools

There is no doubting the ongoing hyper growth of the mobile marketing segment.  From the proliferation of iPads and iPhones to the variety of Android based mobile devices, the world is swiftly matriculating away from the amount of time spent on desktops and laptops.  Along with this matriculation, mobile marketing is booming and marketers are finding new ways to connect with consumers.  In this wild new territory, there is a new playing field of marketing opportunities that allow for location focused messaging that can be targeted and distributed while the end consumer is at or near the point of sale.  The power of mobile is dynamic and the targeting options and customer capture models are increasing in effectiveness and ultimately conversions are skyrocketing.  To take advantage of this powerful marketing medium, I have composed a list of mobile marketing tools that will help to educate, provide direction on influencer connections, and execute a mobile marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing Books

The mobile marketing book, Go Mobile by Jeanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner provides a comprehensive background on the mobile marketing industry.  These renowned authors encapsulate the various types of mobile marketing campaign opportunities and they present in-depth descriptions as well as outlines on how to construct and manage them as well.  There are sections on SMS marketing, location based marketing, app development, QR codes, as well as mobile website development.  I highly recommend this book as a starter as well as a referential campaign management tool.

Mobile Marketing BookAs a lover of reading about the history and evolution of the Internet, Third Screen by Chuck Martin is one of my favorite mobile marketing books.  This book paints the landscape and timeline of mobile as being the third screen in marketing after television and subsequently traditional computers.  I also appreciate the fact that Chuck delves into the relationship between mobile and inbound marketing.  He identifies the principles of location based targeting offered by mobile as being an inbound marketing tactic that tremendously benefits both consumer and marketer alike.  This book is a great read.

Mobile Marketing Books

Mobile Marketing Certification

Unlike many other marketing certification programs, the Mobile Marketing Association does not rely on taking a series of classes and then regurgitating information back as answers to test questions.  The Mobile Marketing Certification program was created for true industry experts who have gained hands on knowledge and have a practical understanding of the space through self-application.  In addition to passing the test, the participant must take at least nine hours of continuing education through a combination of Mobile Marketing Association related offerings.

Mobile Marketing Certification

Mobile Marketing Conferences

MMA - EventsThe preeminent mobile marketing conferences are offered by the Mobile Marketing Association.  Given the speed of growth in the industry, there are monthly forums in various cities across the globe, specialized annual events, mobile CEO and CMO summits, and Mobile Advertising focused events.  Much like the industry which remains heavily fragmented the conference circuit currently echos this fact.

If you are looking for more traditional annual and semi-annual mobile marketing conferences, the Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit and Mobile Commerce World fit the bill.  The former offers broad coverage of mobile marketing strategies versus the latter which has a clearer focus on mobile commerce and mobile transactions.

Mobile Marketing Software

With an array of campaign options available in the broad and fragmented mobile sector, there are an even greater number of mobile marketing software applications to sift through.  In this section, I will highlight some of my favorites for managing each of the respective types of mobile campaigns.

SMS Marketing Software

Tatango and Trumpia are both excellent choices for managing SMS marketing and Text Message marketing campaigns.  Both of these mobile marketing software platforms are easy-to-use and campaigns can be set up in an expedient manner.

Pay Per Call Software

In terms of pay per call and inbound call management solutions, Twilio and Ring Revenue are without parallel.  These two companies understand the space like no others and their software is cutting edge and each of them continues to rapidly evolve with the market.

Mobile App Development Software

For those seeking to develop their own mobile apps, Magmito and Corona Labs are terrific cross platform mobile application development software tools.  With little to no training, mobile app creation is made easy.


Mobile Marketing Get Them On The Spot

The clearest advantage of mobile marketing is the opportunity to capture the customer both when and where they are thinking about expressing interest and delivering them with real time solutions and incentives to purchase.  Using location based marketing, click to call, and other mobile marketing strategies, the ability to influence a purchase has never been greater.  With the right mobile marketing tools in play, you can catch your customer on the spot and convert them into a valuable sale and turn them into a very appreciative customer.

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