MyBlogGuest Google Penalty Leads To Confusion

MyBlogGuest Guest Blogging Platform

For those who have never heard of MyBlogGuest, it is a guest blogging platform that is conceptualized and owned by Ann Smarty.  Ann is an internet marketing thought leader and in addition to MyBlogGuest, her background includes experience as a Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas.  Ann’s goal in creating MyBlogGuest was to develop an online platform that would streamline the interaction between guest bloggers and blog publishers. Read more

Off Page SEO Definition

Off Page SEO Definition

Over the past decade, with the hyper growth rise of company earnings in the search industry, nearly everyone has heard of search engine optimization or seo.  While the level of awareness has dramatically increased, the novice probably does not know the difference between on page and off page seo.  In fact, most of the top internet marketing firms who are aware of the differences, do not understand how to effectively execute a scalable off page seo campaign for their clients.  Most of these firms are forced to outsource their off page seo work to an agency that specializes in this constantly evolving complex segment of seo.  To help decipher the what is off page seo question, in this blog, I will provide an off page seo definition and extrapolate on what it means.

“Off page seo is the practice of search engine optimization for factors including link building where the implementation of strategy occurs externally of the site architecture and the intent is to enhance the value of the owned webpage or website for a specific keyword or list of keywords in the SERPs.” –  Andrew Bart, Founder & EVP of Digital Strategy at Pop Results Read more