On Page SEO Tools

On Page SEO Tools

In the world of search engine optimization, the only constant is change.  Off page and on page SEO factors are perpetually evolving.  Tactics that are considered acceptable or white hat today can just as easily be considered null and void or viewed as potentially penalizing or black hat tomorrow.  With the lack of consistency being mentioned, my previous blog On Page SEO Checklist offers principles that have held firm for developing the foundation of a white hat on page seo blueprint.  In this blog, I will outline several on page seo tools that will help you advance your pursuit toward the development and implementation of a sustainable on page seo strategy.

On Page SEO Books

On Page SEO Book OptimizeOne of my favorite seo books is Optimize by Lee Odden.  Lee is incredibly passionate about ensuring that all parts of an optimization strategy are working in concert.  In his book, he explains how search, content, and social blend to create a powerful integrated marketing campaign.  His methodologies about how to effectively construct a holistic on page seo plan are informative and easily applicable.  There is no question that the takeaways from this book will make you a better seo strategist.

On Page Search Engine Optimization BookIf you are seeking a more technical and lengthy perspective, The Art of SEO is akin to taking a master’s degree course on seo.  The book is co-authored by four seo experts including my personal seo guru Rand Fishkin.  In a similar manner to other O’Reilly books, the level of expertise presented in this book is second to none.  This seo book is a tool that you will find yourself referring to in the same way that you would a dictionary or thesaurus.

On Page SEO Guide

On Page SEO Guide

If you want to learn about the essence of something, go right to the source and directly gain as much insight as possible.  The Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide brought to you directly by Google is that direct source.  Google is the leading search engine by a wide margin and they are typically very open about is acceptable and what is not acceptable.  I would describe this seo guide as required reading for anyone interested in learning more about on page seo.

On Page SEO Tutorials

 On Page SEO Tutorial

Marketing Motive is one of the leading online training and certification sources for on page seo tutorials.  These courses are extremely useful tools for fast-tracking and regimented learning.  For those who are part of a large organization or desire a more structured learning environment, Marketing Motive online classes are a terrific option that can result in the achievement of seo certification.

On Page SEO Conferences

On Page SEO Conference SMX

The top two on page seo conferences are as follows:

Both of these conferences take are offered several times per year.  They are held in several major U.S. cities as well as several international cities.  The conferences are laden with the world’s top brands, seo experts, and the most prominent digital marketing agencies are among those in attendance.  These conferences are an excellent source for learning, mingling, and gaining insight on the hottest technologies and industry trends.

On Page SEO Software

 On Page SEO Software

The most important phase of any seo campaign is the research phase.  Screaming Frog is my top choice for on page seo software.  The lite version of this software is free and its intelligent spidering capability is incredibly dynamic.  The software detects these key data points and so much more:

  • Errors
  • Redirects
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Data
  • Inbound and Outbound Links
  • Anchor Text

Screaming Frog helps to paint a comprehensive picture of your site data so that you can gain a legitimate sense of your current site architecture and optimization.  Based on this key data, you can easily locate areas that can be optimized.  In short, this is a very important tool to have your on page seo strategy arsenal.

Learning, Researching, Data Capture, and Staying on Top of Trends

On page seo requires a lot of research before the work is actually performed.  The greatest challenge is maintaining your learning and staying on top of the ever-changing landscape of search.  With solid data capture and strong research, the execution phase of an on page seo campaign should be the easy part.

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