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Marketing tools are designed to make life easier. Yet, hunting down the best marketing tools for business can be a tremendous challenge. More often than not, once you locate a mixture of online marketing software that addresses each discipline, the next pain point surfaces. The tools of marketing are all disconnected. To manage your marketing plans, you are left logging into a multiplicity of platforms.

Pop Results digital marketing tools remove the complexity from the selection process and solve the issue of disconnected systems. From email marketing tools to social media marketing tools, the Pop Results marketing platform provides lean marketing software spanning the most popular disciplines. Our tools start as low as $20 a month and you only pay for the tools you need. Take control of your marketing strategy from a single easy to use dashboard.

Pop Results digital marketing tools are perfect for the DIY marketer or in-house marketing team. For those who need a bit more help, don’t worry! Using our marketing software, Pop Results digital marketing experts can create and manage your ongoing marketing strategies in any or all of the disciplines.

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