Video Marketing – The Magic of Moving Pictures

Video Marketing – The Magic of Moving Pictures

Long before the magic of video marketing came into reality, the first ads were probably scrawled on the walls of caves, but we will start with print advertising from the early 1900’s. While not intended to be shocking or humorous, when we look back at some of these early ads, that is exactly how they come across.

In the beginning

Traditional Print Advertisement Baby Cigarretes Traditional Print Advertisement Baby Cola Traditional Print Advertisement Baby With Gun

These examples show the goal of all campaigns, traditional or digital, to make people remember your company. They all use the safety and health of our children as the catalyst. Nowadays we would probably not use babies to promote smoking cigarettes or tell mothers to give soda to their babies to make them “cool”. In that same vein, convincing someone to buy a gun by showing their child handling the weapon is not the way we would go about it today. But the message was strong then, and now, while being memorable for a completely different reason, the message still sticks with you. We talk over and over again about making you the authority in your field. That can only happen if your potential customers remember who you are.

Print advertising was the start of traditional advertising, and in the early days of the internet, with dial-up connections, banners and other images were the original form of digital marketing.

Better Technology

There was only so much you could say in a static graphic. As technology advanced, so did advertising. First to radio commercials and then to TV. Online, as bandwidth increased we began to have audio ads and then we moved into video. Unfortunately, with traditional advertising on television, even the best commercials are disruptive and forced on you. With the internet, we have other options. You would not sit down at your TV to watch marketing or get information, you just want to be entertained. On the internet, your customers are looking for both information and entertainment, you can use your humorous, entertaining and memorable concepts as something that they will actually seek out. It is not being blasted in their faces while they are trying to focus on something else, but it IS the something else. And if you do it right, it can be a very powerful tool.

Moving Pictures vs Words

When you do a search for whatever it is you are looking for, you will inevitably turn up numerous websites and maybe a few videos as well. If you go to a website, you know you will be reading through possibly several pages of information to hopefully find out what you are looking for. However, if you go to a video, you can sit back and have the information presented to you. And if it is done properly, you will not only remember the information, but share it with others. And since there are far less videos out there than there are websites, tapping into that market can be hugely beneficial and set you apart from the competition. the sharing factor add to the power of a properly conceived video marketing campaign. It becomes high-tech word of mouth, but delivering your exact message, as you designed it. Video marketing services are like magic!

Make it Memorable

I always find the video marketing campaigns I remember most are the ones that crack me up by doing the unexpected. Topping that list are talking animals doing and saying the unexpected. I leave you with this week’s installment of our Instagram series, Pop Results Presents – Video Marketing – Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll featuring Animals.

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