Video Marketing on Vine

Video Marketing On Vine

I have written over and over about how you can use content, including text and graphics, to connect with your audience. I’ve sung the praises of taking it to the next level with video marketing. As I previously described, one of the huge benefits of using video is that you can say more in less time. By combining both audio and a series of images, you can reach your audience on a completely different and deeper level.
But some of the downsides to video are:

  • The cost associated with producing them
  • The time it takes to make them

Enter Vine


Vine is a mobile service from Twitter that lets you capture and share short looping videos. It’s limited to 6 seconds, keeping it short and sweet, just like tweets. It’s been called the Instagram of video and has gained tremendous popularity since it launched just a few months ago.

Practical Applications

So what can you say in 6 seconds. A ton, if you do it right. Here are some examples of how companies are already using vine to promote their product or service.


I have created a few vine videos as an example of how you can use the platform to show your respect.

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