Video Marketing Mistakes

Video Marketing Mistakes

Reading or watching a video? It is an age old question that has plagued our ancestors since the dawn of time. OK, maybe that is not true, but when it comes to the web and telling your story, utilizing a combination of text and video, can make any post more compelling. That is, of course, unless you make some these video marketing mistakes.

Boring Content

Nothing turns a viewer off quicker than a boring video. Make sure your video has something to make it interesting, same as your blog would. Humor, a new approach, or anything to make it stand out and memorable.  Creative video marketing ideas increase the potential of your video going viral.

Length Beyond Interest

Another item that can lower your viewership is if your videos are too long. Try and keep them under 2 minutes. 60-90 seconds is really the sweet spot.  A video marketing strategy that is short, sweet, and makes its point is a formula for success.

Video Search Engine Optimization

Making the most incredible web video ever will mean nothing if no one sees it. Make sure you are implementing your optimization strategy to your videos too. And do not bury them on pages no one ever goes to.

Call to Action Convince and Convert

Finally, make sure your video marketing strategy serves a purpose. What do you want your viewer to take away from it? Add in a call to action, include a phone number, email address or URL, so there is a next step.

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