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The Transition to Devices of Mobility

This is a fun blog for me as I am a tech geek and a marketing nerd. So when we start talking about the intersection of gadgets and their marketing power, I get all warm and tingly (kinda like climbing the rope in gym class). We’ve spent many weeks now talking about the plethora of ways to drive traffic and leads to your website and blog, but we haven’t touched upon where they are coming from. There are pretty much two sources, computers and mobile devices. The transition from outbound marketing to inbound marketing is paralleling the transition from computer to mobile. Read more

What is Mobile Marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing represents the strategic actions of design, optimization, and distribution of content that is intended for consumption on mobile devices including but not limited to cell phones, smartphones, and tablets.  With the hyper-growth rise in the number of mobile devices combined with the decreasing usage of desktop computers and other traditional devices, end users are progressively more likely to use a mobile device as their first-screen of choice.  As a result of this dramatic shift in how people consume information, for optimal mobile design and content delivery, marketers must adapt their messaging to smaller and varying screen sizes on multiple devices.  What works within the sphere of the traditional Internet is not necessarily an optimal model for success on the mobile web.  For that matter, content that is ideal for a tablet does not necessarily resonate on a smartphone. Read more