Off Page SEO Techniques of Creativity

So now we are a few weeks into the ins and outs of inbound marketing and we have moved into uncharted waters, somebody else’s website. You have pretty much complete control over what goes on your site, but why would someone else want you invading their space. One word, (and yes, even if I say it 100 times, it’s still one word) CONTENT!

Content Is King

You will notice a recurring theme in my blogs, the fact that content is king (I am the creative content director after all). I’m going to repeat something I have mentioned before, it does not matter how well your site is optimized and how great your domain name might be, if you have crap on your site, no one will come to it. People use the internet for entertainment and information, both of which only come from people of authority in these fields. If you are not taking the time to craft a well written blog, or you are just throwing some awful graphic together, your audience will not respect you and thus, will not return to your work.

How do you get placement for Off Page SEO?

But I digress, I want to explain why someone else wants your work on their site. It’s the content. Just like other mediums did before, (TV, Radio, Magazines) the Internet needs to fill it’s space with quality content. Why do great filmmakers and showrunners keep getting the opportunity to create more movies and shows? Because they produce quality content and people want to go back for more. It is the same concept with the Internet and if used properly it can be a powerful off page seo techniques. Blogs have space to fill (timeslots, movie theaters) and they know if they can put good entertaining and/or informative work in their posts, people will come back for more, and their ranking will increase.

The same holds true for the content creator. If you see something you really like on a blog you frequent, you will probably want to check out if the creator has more stuff you might like. You go to their site to see and low and behold, the backlink is created and you have just increased the rank of both pages. Consider it a thank you for the producer and the distributor.

An Off Page SEO Example

Since I am on the analogy of video content, here is an informative and entertaining (I hope) video I made that shows a case study of Pop Results’s Inbound Marketing techniques. I set it to one of our heroes, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens to show the power of a well laid out inbound marketing plan. We can then take that video and have it placed on other authoritative websites that are looking for quality content as part of an off page seo plan.

Final Thoughts on Off Page SEO

Those are some pretty impressive statistics on the different aspects that make up inbound marketing. In order to create our Off Page SEO strategy, I would find other online outlets to distribute that video, they would get the space filled with my video, and I would get the rise in authority for having made the video, and my site would get a link back to it from the reputable distributor, thus helping increase the rank of my site. The higher the rank, the more leads, and that is how Off Page SEO works by using quality creative content.

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