Off Page SEO Mistakes

Off Page SEO Mistakes

Once you have established your on page presence, and made sure you have corrected any issues you may have had, we can turn our efforts to how you drive traffic back to your site. Off page seo is a very important way to get your name out there on other relevant sites that will link back to you. We have discussed  using guest blogging as well as other tips and creative techniques for your strategy, but here are some common mistakes people tend to make.

Not being selective

It is not about how many sites point back to you, it is about the quality of the sites that do. Do not choose quantity over quality. Rather than just throwing your name out there to every site that will have you, pick and choose the best highest rated sites to associate yourself with. If you do not, you could wind up hitching your cart to the wrong horse and having these other sites bring your rankings down.


This is a huge mistake. Spamming is when you comment on other blogs with links back to your site for the purpose of getting other sites linking back to your site. If your comment is not beneficial to the other site and is just there to get a link, most likely it was be rejected or worse, you will be blocked from commenting and lose what could have been a great off page seo relationship.

Unnatural linking

Unnatural linking with off page seo is very similar to the bad anchor text issue with on-page seo. Whether you are linking internally or from another site, you want to make sure you are writing in a way that sounds right, and is not just a laundry list of your keywords. By that same rationale, make sure that your links are not just a “click here”, but that they do include your varied keywords, just not a repeated series of them and that they are worked into the writing so they flow.

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