Local Search Marketing Mistakes

Local Search Marketing Mistakes

Just because you only service a certain small area does not mean that your customers aren’t looking for you on the world wide web. After all, your business does exist somewhere in the world.

Not utilizing the data aggregators

What this means is that rather than just submitting your business to the top local directories like Citysearch and TripAdvisor, get on the aggregators that Google uses like:

Since Google looks at thousands of sites each day, limiting yourself to just the top few, would leave you in the dark on all the others.

Not creating separate pages for each location

If you are just creating one overall locations page and it is covering a wide territory, then you are missing out on being able to add specific separate location keywords to each page. Someone may not want to travel over 10 miles to get to you, not realizing that you have another location just around the corner.

Not doing proper research

Make sure you have keywords and phrases that will allow your site to dominate the local search results. Just because a word or phrase works well for a non localized campaign, geo-targeting your audience requires different techniques. Know your goals before you execute your strategy.

Not being prepared for mobile devices

When searching for something nearby, a large portion of searchers are on the go and looking for something close by. If your competition is easy to find and contact from Google and you are not, chances are you are going to lose out on customers.

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