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So you got your website setup.  You made sure it’s properly optimized and full of relevant text.  You have committed to constantly adding new entries to your blog on topics that are designed to make you the authority in your field.  Back in the early days of the Internet, as long as your content was full of related keywords, you would be good to go.  These days, a website operating without a content marketing plan as well as rich imagery and captivating content is like trying to fly a plane with no experience.

Times have changed.  Having the right buzzwords are no longer enough.  Your content needs to be relevant for the search engines and interesting for real people too.  That means making it informative and visually appealing.  How many magazines do you read without images?  The word around the Internet campfire is that “Content is King.”  If a picture is worth a thousand words then, by utilizing the palette of creative options for blogging, you can keep your crown.

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Blogs are not novels

No one talks about curling up in front of the fire on a cold night with a good blog entry.  Short, sweet and to the point is what works.  If you’ve got an entry that could take pages to explain, consider using one of these creative techniques in your content marketing plan to make it easier and more enjoyable for your target audience to digest.

  • Graphics
    • Illustrations
    • Photograph
    • Diagrams
    • Charts
    • Infographics
    • Data Visualizations
  • Slideshare Presentations
  • Whiteboard Sessions
  • Videos

If I wanted to illustrate the correlation between the best way to save your advertising dollars and the looming fiscal cliff that had everyone tightening their belts, I could go into a long winded post that would probably lose less invested readers by, well, now.  The alternative is that I could make a video that compares the fiscal cliff and advertising with the classic silent film, “The Great Train Robbery”.

In less than sixty seconds, my point was made, and it was far more enjoyable than reading a 1500 word blog post.  We live in a visual, fast paced world.  You do not see grand award shows for books.  However, you do see them for movies and television shows.  TV and movies are also more timely and they share an airdate or a limited theatrical release so there is more of a buzz generated by these visual mediums.  You will notice a theme (another important part of visual blogging – saved for another entry) with my graphics; homages.  That uppermost graphic is based on the marketing for the FOX show Fringe (which next month ends its five year run).  You may not have recognized it but, subconsciously, you may have been drawn to it.  This is simply another technique to stay relevant and connect with your target audience.

Final thought on integrating creativity into your content marketing plan

I’ll leave you with this last example of what I consider one the best techniques that can be used to visually represent a large amount of information for easier and more enjoyable digestion – an infographic.  An infographic is one image that can quickly convey any amount of information and/or statistics.  The sky is the limit on how it is conceptualized and how much you want to put into its creation.  Sticking with my content marketing plan that is currently centered around movie themes, here is an interesting web design statistic that is presented by way of a top rated New Year’s movie poster.

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