Local Search Marketing Definition

Local Search Marketing Definition Whether you are lawyer, doctor, small business owner, or a large corporation, in a mobile world, local search marketing has become an essential force for connecting with consumers.  The power to present a tap-to-call phone number, display GPS route guidance to your place of business, and highlight a healthy list of […]

Internet Marketing Motivation

Internet Marketing Motivation The best person that can motivate you to do anything, is you. You are your best motivator, the only one who can truly make you want to do something. There are many awesome speakers and doers out there, that can certainly give you that extra push. My partner at Pop Results Inbound […]

Internet Marketing Strategy Of A Champion

Internet Marketing Strategy of A Champion With the start of the professional football season approaching, I want to take the opportunity to tell you about the core of the team at Pop Results, how this team goes about its business, and how to construct the internet marketing strategy of a champion.  Internet marketing and football […]

Off Page SEO – A Feast To Share

Off Page SEO – A Feast To Share Last week I used the analogy of how developing an on page seo strategy is like baking a pie. I mentioned how all the on page seo techniques were like the individual ingredients that when mixed together to make a delicious entrée. In the grand scheme of […]

Off Page SEO Definition

Off Page SEO Definition Over the past decade, with the hyper growth rise of company earnings in the search industry, nearly everyone has heard of search engine optimization or seo.  While the level of awareness has dramatically increased, the novice probably does not know the difference between on page and off page seo.  In fact, […]

On Page SEO – Recipe for Success

On Page Seo Recipe For Success You can scour the internet for lists of things and techniques you can use for On Page SEO to increase your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Even on this very site and in this blog you will read tips in places like our on page seo […]

On Page SEO Definition

On Page SEO Definition In my on page seo checklist blog, I provided a detailed overview of the key elements of on page search engine optimization.  My goal in this blog is to provide you with an on page seo definition that will stand the test of time and help to clarify the understanding of […]

History of Content Marketing

History of Content Marketing Now that we have provided a content marketing definition, this blog is going to be short and sweet. In one form or another, content marketing has been around forever. From early cave paintings to serialized stories in newspapers and now in blogs and on Instagram, we have always used our written […]

Content Marketing Definition

Content Marketing Definition When you consider the definition of content marketing, it is important to realize the vast scope of this broad term.  Content marketing is many things.  As a result, any accurate content marketing definition must cover a lot of material including both online and offline forms of content production such as articles, infographics, […]

Inbound Marketing Content – The Content King is Born

Inbound Marketing Content – The Content King Is Born For months now I have been preaching the virtues of inbound marketing. I’ve had it beaten up in a fight with outbound marketing plus shown and discussed techniques to make a stronger campaign with images. I have covered all the other aspects of inbound marketing content […]