Video Marketing – The Magic of Moving Pictures

Video Marketing – The Magic of Moving Pictures Long before the magic of video marketing came into reality, the first ads were probably scrawled on the walls of caves, but we will start with print advertising from the early 1900’s. While not intended to be shocking or humorous, when we look back at some of […]

Video Marketing Definition

Video Marketing Definition The world of Internet marketing is filled with an ever increasing number of options. Out of all of the current possibilities, there are none that that match the available range of creativity, fun, and excitement as video marketing. To understand this dynamic marketing medium, I will provide a video marketing definition and […]

Evolution of Mobile Marketing

Evolution of Mobile Marketing After several blogs on the topic of Mobile Marketing, I spent some time reflecting on how much the technology has changed in my lifetime. We are at a point now, where we’ve come to expect revolutionary products every year and complain when the tech does not grow by leaps and bounds. […]

Mobile Marketing Definition

Mobile Marketing Definition In the world of Internet marketing, the only constant is change.  More often than not, even industry experts do not realize how frenetically fast their industry is advancing.  It is not until they return from a week of vacation to find that what they left behind is already a different animal.  This […]

Social Media Networking Is An Online Party

Social Media Networking Is An Online Party Look, we all have our opinions of social media. Some of us like to share our lives so that our good or bad fortune can bring joy or solace from friends. Others like to keep their lives close to the vest, and not inform the world of their […]

Social Media Marketing Definition

Social Media Marketing Definition I am warning you now, as you read this blog, you are going to hear this word a lot, “connection.”  If you are looking for a social media marketing definition, it begins and ends with this aforementioned word.  At its core, social media is about connecting with family, friends, acquaintances, and […]

Paid Search Marketing – Get Your Message to Your Audience

Paid Search Marketing – Get Your Message To Your Audience Pop Results focuses on inbound marketing solutions. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop, where we are able to integrate a custom set of solutions in order to maximize your exposure and get you the best return on your investment. The majority of what we […]

Paid Search Definition

Paid Search Definition In the world of Internet marketing, there are a lot of options for how you can choose to market your website and ultimately your products and services. If you represent a new business that is looking to rapidly establish an online presence and gain early wins or you are an established business […]

Local Search – How Men Ask Directions

Local Search – How Men Ask Directions To date, we have spent many blogs discussing the benefits of local search and the pitfalls of the numerous systems in place. I have called it the Wild West of the Web, Andrew Bart has shown you the tools for a successful local marketing campaign, and we have […]